The RELAG-System®

The RELAG-System® is a software package for management and optimisation of the internal material flow of a company. It consists of program packages that are independent of each other, for example:

  1. LVS (Warehouse management system)
  2. MLS (Material flow control system)
  3. SLS (Forklift guiding system)
  4. BLS (Block storage control system)
  5. KLS (Order picking control system)
  6. and many more special applications

All program packages communicate with each other via interfaces.


  • Best product solution for intralogistics
  • Extendible modular system
  • Interfaces to all ERP systems
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Highly satisfied customers

The RELAG-System® is your solution for:

Storage space structuring, storage space management, operational order management, order planning, control of rack operating equipment, control of materials handling systems, data exchange with the central IT and order picking.

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Warehouse management system

The RELAG-System® – LVS, the user-friendly warehouse management with 3D visualisation lets you achieve reliable warehouse processes combined with rapid product availability.

Forklift control system

The RELAG-System®  – SLS is the perfect solution for efficient material flow and reliable goods tracking for intralogistics. The identification of goods and pallets is fully automatic without complicated scanning. Reduce your storage costs by increased warehouse capacities with 100% transparency combined with higher efficiency of your floor conveyors/forklifts.

Order picking control system

The RELAG-System® – KLS is the ideal solution for the controlled and efficient handling of order-picking applications, both single and multi-stage as well as multi-order picking.

Material flow control system

The RELAG-System® – MLS recognises the complete structure of the factory with all transport systems based on the section information. This enables the integration of all conceivable handling systems from the paternoster and carousel warehouse and materials handling technology through to AKL and HKL.

Production control system

The RELAG-System® – PLS controls, checks and monitors the supply and disposal of all integrated production machines. In this way, they are automatically and optimally replenished with supplies and cleaned again according to the production orders.

Forklift navigation

The RELAG-System® – NAV is an extension of the RELAG-System® – SLS, plus navigation with position determination for the forklifts. This ensures precise and fully automatic tracking of the pallets and goods. This automatic goods tracking enables a high degree of profitability and efficiency.

Block storage control system

With the RELAG-System® – BLS various types of block storage such as single space, multi-space, hose, position stores or also unstructured floors can be managed with maximum efficiency.


On request, we can supply and integrate the required and suitable hardware for any of your logistics solutions from a single source. Our proven and reliable partners help us to do so.